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Hi everyone,

I would like to start writing about my latest experience (or should I say, my latest headache). As i said before, most of my company clients are financial institutions or banks.

Due to importance of banking mobile and the growing demand of the use of non-face-to-face services such as mobile apps, cash in and cash out ATMs, Dropbox, contact center and info terminals, my client needed to update their technological platform, which would allow in short term a better utilization of the electronic channels and also will allow to clients mostly private, save time since it will greatly reduce the physical presence of customers in the bank’s branches

We were facing an issue trying to go live with one of our applications, In short words, we needed to connect our website solution with some WCF services. Before going live we did all types of testing ( integration, functional, stress, performance and regression testing). However, one week before we simulated goin-live, the issue was not present.

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